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York Jubilee Air Rifle & Pistol Club



The club encourages all its members to enter club, regional and national shoots.

If you follow the sport at anything above the level of a hobby, you will want to shoot for a score and then try your newly acquired skills against other shooters in friendly competition. Fortunately, there is a well established competitive framework to guide you. It is best to consider the competitive shooting world by looking at the various levels of competition.

Club level Once you have established a basic technique which allows you to hit the black aiming mark with most of your shots, you can shoot several sets of 4 cards (5 shots per card) and see what score you can achieve out of a possible 200. You can then work out an average score. The average is very important in competitive shooting because this score is used by competition organisers to set classes so that when you compete you will be shooting against other competitors with a similar average.

The club has championship events where it is the best score in the competition that counts, but there are also handicap events where the shooter’s average score is taken into account. There are also fun shoots held at Christmas and in particular the “POLO” shoot where the object is to shoot a pellet down the hole in a polo mint without breaking the mint. This is shot with an air rifle. For air pistol, the aim is to break as many polo mints as possible in five shots.

Regional Level As with many other competitive sports, there is a county organisation. In our case, this is the Yorkshire Small-bore Rifle & Pistol Association (YSRA). The YSRA covers the sports of airgun shooting and also .22 rifle shooting.

The club enters team and individual airgun events. Competition cards are shot on the range at the club and witnessed and signed by another club member. The cards are then sent by post to a central scorer or scrutineer, who issues the results for each round. Shooters and teams are placed in divisions decided by the averages they are currently shooting.

Shooters who consistently make good scores at air rifle and air pistol may be asked to shoot for the county in the main or reserve teams.

National Level The NSRA (National Small-bore Rifle Association) is the (UK) national governing body for all airgun, small-bore rifle and pistol and 10m crossbow shooting. Postal competitions are organised with leagues and divisions like the county competitions above. The club can find itself competing against clubs from any part of the country.

In addition, the NSRA organises the Annual British Airgun Championships, which is held at Bisley in Surrey.

The NSRA is also the official body for the selection of individuals to represent their country in international events.