Club badge.

York Jubilee Air Rifle & Pistol Club



Although it is small, the club is well equipped. There is access and toilet facilities for people with disabilities, and a small kitchen with microwave and fridge. Hot and cold drinks are available and are paid for within the range fee. Convection heaters provide warmth in winter and there is a portable fan for the summer to ensure everyone stays cool.

There are two ranges, each with four firing points equipped with electric target changers, so there is no need for anyone to go forward of the firing points. The ranges are both lit to a high standard for competition shooting.

Targets are provided by the club and pellets can be purchased at well below shop prices as the club buys pellets in bulk.

All adult full members of the club have their own key and can use the range whenever they wish. Juniors below the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times on club premises.

The Club can be hired on an hourly basis by groups and individuals on application to the club secretary, at least one week prior to the date of hiring.

Any air rifle used on this range MUST be below the legal energy limit of 12 ft-lbs, and pistols 6 ft-lbs. Only lead pellets may be used as ammunition (no ball bearings, darts, etc.)

Bench rest rifle shooting on one of the club ranges.