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News and Views - May 2020


Jubilee still closed due to Coronavirus restrictions

Possible reopening? The club committee has been in email contact to look at the possibility of opening the club on a limited access basis. The consensus was that this would present considerable problems in terms of social distancing and in the sanitisation process. It was decided unanimously that the club should wait until the government advises that access to gymnasia, sports centres and other indoor activities is allowable. Jubilee News will bring you all the latest information on this vital matter as soon as it is to hand.

Best wishes to everyone

Ian. (19/May/20)

Greetings Gentle Reader. It’s now well into May and the lockdown is still under way with a slight glimmer on the horizon that signals a very gradual change to normality, whatever that will be. Let’s hope not too many people go bananas and cause a resurgence of infection. I hope you have all found useful things to do with the time. I have engaged in a regime of property maintenance and spruced the old place up so that it’s shipshape and Bristol fashion. My wood working skills have not totally left me and I have made a new back gate and a tool store for all the garden tools which are cluttering up the greenhouse. The brief was to use up any suitable materials lying about the place so I have recycled the old back gate and used up all the timber I had stored in the garage rafters. Have learned some new pieces for the guitar including a very tidy arrangement of “The Girl from Ipanema” which requires some nifty fingering to keep the rhythm going. It’s not smooth yet!

Not a lot to say with regard to the club. Ed Horsman has been popping to the range regularly to make sure that all is well, so our thanks to him for this. Our electricity bill should be absolutely minimal. The only piece of equipment that is using power is the fridge. Come to think of it, why is it on at all? I will clean it out and switch off. That is if I can remember the new door code. I only used it once and my recollection is somewhat fuzzy. I may need to check with someone who knows.

For your interest, see the attached pics. A nice couple of shots of Rhys Moore in action with his Hämmerli AR20 and his Steyr air pistol taken just before the closedown. He says he is giving up the air pistol in favour of the air rifle. Its difficult to do both as some of us know. He was making some good scores in the Yorkshire League for 10m Air Rifle. He was shooting in div 4 with Barney Stephenson and me, but I fear we were trailing in his wake.

And finally “What’s going on behind the green door?” - Yes, its Waggers home on the range experience! My 10 metre indoor range which runs from the garage across the adjoining wood store and into the workshop. It’s exactly 10 metres and with the door closed, no alarm to the neighbours. It can be taken down in a couple of minutes so that I don’t strangle myself in the workshop. Better than nothing, but it doesn’t have the ambience of the club.

Cheer up everyone, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just hope it’s not an oncoming train.

Good luck and stay safe,


Ian Waghorn
Secretary, York Jubilee ARPC

Rhys 1.

Rhys 2.

Garage 1.

Garage 2.


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