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News and Views - January 2020


A Happy New Year to all our readers. The Christmas festivities are over for another year and a good chunk of the members enjoyed the whacky shoots and assorted snacks and nibbles of the Christmas Shoot. Suve Banerjee triumphed again by getting two centres on the Air Rifle Polo and Ed Horsman demolished three polos to win the Air Pistol Polo shoot. Many thanks to Ed for masterminding the fun shoots and refreshments and thanks also to Fulford Parish Council for the use of the Committee Room in Fulford Parish Hall.

At the Christmas shoot, winners of the Diamond Trophy and the “Own Start” competitions were presented with their trophies. Aidan Kelly, one of the club’s promising Juniors, won the Air Rifle Diamond Trophy and Rhys Moore won the Air pistol. Aidan has made really good progress in the 10 metre Air Rifle discipline and was successful in winning the Dolby Trophy in the Yorkshire Air Rifle Championship class D and is looking to find space on the mantelpiece for all this silver ware. Alex Robinson and Peter Rowley won silver and bronze also in class D, so it was a good result for the club. Suve Banerjee got bronze in Class A and Ian Waghorn won silver in Class C.

In the Yorkshire Air Pistol Championship there were several successes, with Sue Carter and Andy Cooper getting to the final stage (the top ten scores), Linda Cooper and Adam Cooper got silver and bronze respectively in class D.

The Yorkshire 10m Air Rifle bench rest competition is now well under way, with results being issued by Suve Banerjee and thanks to him for taking on the work involved. There are over 40 competitors in 7 divisions and scores are close. It’s tough at the top and in division 1, N Anderson of Driffield is leading the field, with Martin Carter of Jubilee snapping at his heels. In this game, one point is a lot and scoring the magic 10+1 for a dead centre is the holy grail. N Anderson has hit 207 on one occasion and Martin a 206 so it can be done. It will be interesting to find out what kit is best for this game and it might be sensible in the future to have pre-charged and springers in separate competitions. The sport is in a developmental stage at the moment so who knows where it will lead. We shall see.

Finally here’s a pic of the famous Polo Shoot target - in this case unhit... just wait until next Christmas!

Polo target.


Ian Waghorn
Secretary, York Jubilee ARPC

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