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News and Views - March 2020 (update, 18/3/20)


Jubilee closes for the first time in over 40 years

Alas dear reader, the unthinkable has come to pass. The club has closed for the duration of the virus emergency. One of the smallest organisms on the planet has laid us low. But fear not, we shall rise again like a phoenix from the ashes.

In the meantime, the secretary will get to work cleaning the place up and ditching all unnecessary junk which has accumulated over the past few years. The backstops will be refurbished, the disabled toilet will be enabled and the wall coverings finished so that it does not look like a Nagasaki bag shanty.

Let us all hope that the emergency does not last too long and we can soon get back to slinging lead down the range once more.

Regular updates will be posted to keep everyone in touch.



Ian Waghorn
Secretary, York Jubilee ARPC

News and Views - March 2020

Well, the winter competition season has drawn to a close. Final rounds have gone down range and we wait to see if anyone has come up as a winner. Glancing down the listings from the Cumbria and Northumbria leagues it looks as though Jubilee is not going to figure in the medals this time. Suve Banerjee is shooting division 1 of the Air Rifle leagues and Rhys Moore in division 2. It’s tough at the top! With scores in division 1 at 195+ x 200, there is little room for error. Rhys has really improved his average this season though.

In the air pistol leagues, Sue Carter has recorded some excellent scores in division 3 and Martin Carter has made steady progress in division 8. Ed Horsman in division 10 has been hampered by a problem with his right hand which has now been tackled with surgical intervention. He is not shooting in the summer and we all wish him well in the recovery process.

In the Yorkshire air gun leagues things look a bit brighter. In 10 metre air pistol, Ed Horsman won division 8 and Ian Braithwaite & Ian Cooper were third in divisions 10 and 18 respectively. The club team were third in division 1 of the Team leagues.

In 10 metre air rifle, Suve is in 2nd place in division 2 and Rhys & Aidan Kelly look as though they will win divisions 4 and 8 respectively. Barney Stephenson and Peter Rowley are 3rd and 2nd in divisions 6 and 9. The Juniors have shot well this season and are making good progress. Time for a bit of coaching. Jubilee are lying 3rd in the team event which is handicapped as there is only 1 division so the spread of club averages is very wide.

In the Rapid & Standard Air Pistol, Ian Braithwaite has won division 2 of the Rapid event and also division 2 of the Standard - so congrats to him on achieving the “double”!

In the Yorkshire Air Pistol Championship, Sue Carter & Andy Cooper made it to the final, where the top ten scorers in the first stage shoot again. Unfortunately, both were just out of the medals.

The 10 metre Air Rifle Benchrest competition is almost complete and in division 1, Martin Carter from Jubilee and N Anderson of Driffield are in a tussle for first place. It may all depend on the final round. In division 2, Keith Anderton looks to be in first place from John Bowker also of Jubilee, but the last round will decide it. In division 3, Tim Hinton, our esteemed Treasurer, is in third place, having put in some solid scores in the 2nd half of the competition. This is the first time the competition has run as a Yorkshire event and it has proved to be challenging and successful with nearly 50 shooters taking part.

On another field of endeavour altogether, the club is looking to improve the club facilities by engaging in a general refurbishment of the premises, starting in the toilet. Other projects include a general “chucking out” of unnecessary “stuff” and renewal of the back stops in both ranges. Hopefully everyone will be able to give a few hours of their time to this worthwhile work.

Finally, a mention of Aidan Kelly, one of the club‘s promising juniors. Aidan has made really good progress this year and his personal best score is now 159 X200. He won the Jubilee Diamond trophy at Christmas for the best score above established average and looks like he will also win his division in the 10m Air Rifle. He‘s enjoying his shooting and has a quiet steadiness which is a great attribute for a competitive marksman. We watch his journey with interest.

A Kelly.


Ian Waghorn
Secretary, York Jubilee ARPC

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