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News and Views - April 2020


Jubilee still closed due to Coronavirus restrictions

Well here we are folks, club closed, no shooting and it’s the end of March 2020. I wonder how it will all look in a year’s time? The club premises are fine and I have put medals for Rhys and Aidan in their boxes from the Yorkshire 10m Air Rifle league and for Ian Braithwaite in the Rapid and Standard Air Pistol. Let’s hope that we will be back in business for Winter 2020-2021.

Next some sad news. John Waites, who was a member of the club for a couple of years and who was keen on the 10M Air Rifle Benchrest, passed away from a heart attack about three weeks ago. Not all members will have met John as he came to the club on a Wednesday evening. His passing was not connected to Covid-19. He was a jolly person and had a painful back condition which eventually prevented him from coming to the club. He left a collection of air rifles and associated equipment which his partner Lynn was not too keen to have around the house, so I have offered to try and sell them on her behalf.

The air rifles (pictured below) are:

There are gun bags for each of the rifles. In addition there are various red dot and holograph sights, prices to be negotiated. If you are interested in any of these, let me know.

So dear readers, stay safe. Stay cool, cut the grass if you have it, walk the dog and chill out. Don’t run screaming into the street, it is not allowed under government directive 146, sub para c. If you are practising dry firing, close the curtains and make sure the neighbours don’t see.

Best wishes,


Ian Waghorn
Secretary, York Jubilee ARPC

Rifle 1.

Rifle 2.

Rifle 3.

Rifle 4.

Rifle 5.


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