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Well the Summer season is over and the club is in the twilight zone between the end of one competition season and the beginning of another. Is there nothing going on then? Not exactly. This is the time when the club competitions start.

Firstly the “Own Start” competitition for rifle and pistol. Explanations of this peculiar event have caused glazed eye syndrome and an urgent desire to leave the room on the part of those enquiring about its structure. There is no need to sign up for an A level in applied mathematics. You will be given five cards. Shoot them in number order 1 to 5 . The secretary or one of his appointed minions will score them and tell you what you have scored. The main goal is to score 200. You are not supposed to look at the cards when changing them. If you score say 40 out of 50 on the first card you must try to score something similar on the other 4 cards. Already this year 200 has been achieved in the pistol event. If more than one person achieves this Nirvana there will of course be a “shoot off” to decide the winner. It will be “sudden death” with a single shot. Nearest the bull wins.

The other competition is the Jubilee Diamond Trophy for rifle and pistol. In order to enter you need to have shot in either the Yorkshire and/or the Cumbria and Northumbria leagues during the summer. The winner is the shooter who achieves the highest score above his or her established average. The winner will receive a handsome silver digital clock on a mahogany plinth, hand crafted by Ian Braithwaite, complete with name and year engraved thereon. This is kept for one year. These trophies were gifted to the club by Graham Balmforth, of fond memory, a 10 Metre Air Rifle shooter. The club salutes his generosity.

How did we do in the Summer Leagues?
Most of us of course did not win anything. This is the way of the world and those who venture to shoot competitively are used to adjusting to failure. There is always next time when the hold may be that bit steadier, the eye that bit sharper and the trigger finger that bit smoother. We live in hope - and expectation.

Yorkshire Leagues
In the Yorkshire 10 metre Air Pistol league The Club Ladies/women/females/gals (I am choosing my words carefully) did us proud with Sue Carter winning division 4 and Linda Cooper division 14. The men/males/guys could not get amongst the medals. Better luck next time! In the team event Jubilee were runners up in division 1 and 3rd in division 3.

Sue Carter.


In the Yorkshire 10 metre Air Rifle league, Rhys Moore won division 7 and young Aidan Kelly won division 10, with Peter Rowley in second place. Barney Stephenson also shot well in division 7 and put in some good scores. Alex Robinson came 3rd in division 11. The Jubilee were runners up to Driffield A in the team event.

In Yorkshire Rapid Fire Air Pistol, Andy Cooper won division 2 with 18 points. Sue Carter won division 3 of this event with a “full house” of 20 points.

In the Standard Air pistol Sue Carter was again triumphant in division 2 with 20 points and an average of 270 x300. The rest of us will need to get some practice in!

Cumbria and Northumbria Target Shooting Assoc.
Not many club members now shoot in this league, but in the Summer session the club had several successful results. Suve Banerjee got the silver medal in division 2 of the 10 Metre Air Rifle, Sue Carter struck silver in division 9 of the Air Pistol and husband Martin Carter achieved gold in division 11. So all in all a good do.

Other Stuff.
Following the gift of a more or less new Baikal target air pistol to the club from Roger Woodhouse, one of the older Baikal club pistols has been sold at the Melbourne (Derbyshire) air gun fayre for £140. This sum will be used to purchase another Rika Target changer to replace one of the ancient Dical changers in the old range. In fact, if the treasurer can be persuaded, we might go for buying two.

10 Metre Benchrest Air Rifle. Following a successful trial organised by the club and run by Suve Banerjee, Yorkshire Association is running a competition for the first time. It looks as though there will be over 40 competitors taking part and the stickers will be going out soon to all participants. Scoring will be monitored during the season to make sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. As members who took part in the trial will know scores are extremely tight and consistent and accurate scoring is essential to stave off “I’m being done” paranoia.

Another Storey
No progress has been made on the idea of building another floor above the new range building. It has stalled over the preparation of a drawing, which would be presented to York Planning Department to see whether this idea is viable. If anyone can help with this (and Keith and Roy already have), please let the Secretary know. It may be a non-starter but it would be nice to know.

If members have any contributions to this news page please get in touch with the Secretary. Cartoons, pics, features and gossip, all welcome.

WAGZ October 2019